This self-professed dreamer hopes to one day run a retail shop or a cafe that he will conceptualise, design and put together himself. These days, other than campaigns and corporate design, he also gets his kicks working on food-related (F&B/cafes) projects. He loves the perks of the job – from food tasting and meeting celebrity chefs to getting around fancy kitchens and art directing and styling food. At home he is now the self-appointed Weekend Chef, whipping up simple, comforting dishes while emulating the ‘moves’ he remembers from watching his mom cook.
Fun and randomness are key in his approach to design. He believes that if he injects fun and spontaneity into the creative process, it will be an enjoyable one for himself and his team mates. Food, fun and laughter are very much the must-haves for his team.
To sum it up: Eat, drink and be merry.
Some of his publication/editorial works can be viewed in
Joined Behance Network in 2012
You can reach him at
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