The A-Z of fatherhood

My contribution for a book called Muddlehood: A – Z of Fatherhood. All about my baby girl, Amelia, in her first 3 months.

A is for Amelia. 

38 weeks of pregnancy. 16 hours of hospital wait. 45 mins of pushing. Amelia arrives on 19 April 2011 at 16.59pm. Weighing 3.38kg and measuring 51cm. She greeted us with a loud voice and curious eyes.

B is for Bottles.

6 weeks of parenthood, 8 bottles a day, 100ml per feed, 120mins per interval. Every drop counts. All is full of love!

C is for Cries.

A few things I have learnt when my baby girl cries: She’s hungry. She’s sleepy. She’s uncomfortable. She’s pooped or wet herself! She’s just cranky!

D is for Diapers.

The signs of growing up. From Day 1 to Month 3, she has gone from Small to Large sized diapers!

Bio: “Norman Lai, an Art Director in Splash, keeps himself awake with Nespresso and bananas while tackling briefs and whipping up ideas. He worked out these words and illustrations to celebrate the arrival of Amelia, his baby princess. As Amelia grows by the day, Norman promises to sleep on this project and complete the other letters. See, he’s at zzzzz now.”